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summer-time Job advice ?

Hello there!!! :icon_biggrin:
I'm a first year graphic design student and I'm living in London.
I'm looking for the ''perfect'' job to do during the summertime.
Perfect doesn't mean a proper graphic designer paid job,obviously because I'm not a graduate :icon_blushing:
I'm open minded to any kind of job , even if this is unpaid.I just want to gain some experience in my subject.
What would you advice me to do ?

Thank you for consideration :icon_smile:

Paul Murray

Staff member
It depends what you want to do. If you want to work in print design, them some hands on experience with a decent printer might be useful. Personally I'd recommend a placement in a studio. You'll learn so much more industry experience from a few weeks in a working environment.

Whatever you end up doing, your 'employer' has a duty to provide relevant experience in exchange for you being there. You may find yourself making the odd tea or coffee, but if that's all you're doing (i.e. you're not getting any useful experience) then you should just get out and go elsewhere. Most studios are pretty eager to take interns and treat them well, at least here in Manchester :)