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Hi guys, I just graduated college and got my bachelor degree in fine arts and now I want to get a masters degree in graphic design or communication design. I am from Macedonia and I want to study abroad, so can you guys give me tips or recommend me schools that offer a full time scholarship or are tuition free? For example, I know that the university in Slovenia, Ljubljana is tuition free but they don't offer scholarships for students from non EU countries or maybe just Macedonia and a few other countries. And a lot of people told me that there are master programs in Berlin that are free, but I cant find any :/ I dont have a massive budget, so that's why the funding fees and scholarships are very important to me.
Im taking a gap year and I dont know where to begin searching for schools, so I would really appreciate your help! :D


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What do you think the benefits are for you to do a Masters, rather than work part time and study graphic design on the side through online resources e.g.

I'm not saying don't do a Masters, but I think there might be multiple routes on offer (sorry if you've already considered this and I'm making assumptions). I have a very similar background in that I studied Fine Art BA too. I then found a paid Communications internship that gave me access to design software, and a chance to learn that partly during working hours, partly on the side. From that (and a few self-initiated passion projects) I was lucky enough to build enough of a portfolio to get an in-house design job, where I still am 2 years on. I love it.

Perhaps a Masters would provide excellent teaching, but really the resources all exist online for you to learn everything you need. All that's essential is the drive, and enough money to support yourself. Self-paced learning means you can have a job while you learn too - not always easy with a masters in another country.

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I completed the undergrad / masters route. Best to have solid work experience under your belt first; will add real value at Masters level. Masters will teach you approaches, help you manage better, look at projects from different angles, more rigorous etc. Really does add value. Need to think - research or taught routes?

Necessary as part qualification also if you desire to lecture in higher ed.