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Students in business??

All is going well here at the moment, this year I was awarded a business grant from my university and have just started my own business. Juggling year 2 and work was pretty tough but my grades didn't suffer at all so I'm hopeful that year 3 will be alright now.

I worked in a studio this year and I really enjoyed it but I love the freedom of working for myself, especially on gorgeous days like this. But to be honest there are weeks where I don't get to step outside at all because I'm that busy. I guess thats what has been the hardest part, the pressure when things are manic....but saying that, I don't work too well unless I'm under pressure. haha

Are there any other students in business here? Thought it would be good to have a chat with other students to see how they're doing and how you coped with uni and design work.

Laura :icon_smile:
Hey laura,

I have just finished my third year at university and I am currently doing a lot of freelance work. I would like to be involved in a studio or a small business but right now I have a lot of work on my hand. However I have a lot of trouble doing both freelance and my major project as the university expect you to do 600 hours on your major project and this leave not a lot of time for anything else. I do enjoy every minute of it tho :icon_smile: and I do love the pressure lol :icon_tongue_smilie:

I wish you all the best
le: and I do love the pressure lol :icon_tongue_smilie:
yes same here!! haha

I did a 20 week project in 2 days this year, I literally spent 19 weeks throwing round crap ideas then when it came down to the last 2 days I just ploughed through the work because the pressure was on!

I'm hoping the work experience I have now will help in year 3.

Not looking forward to the final project though! eek!:icon_scared: