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Student Project : Buzz videos with Pictograms !

Hi everyone,

I'm a French student and i created an animation in 2 days with 10 good buzz from Youtube for a buzz project.

This animation is made with Pictograms and I need 5000 "views" before Friday the 20th (the deadline).

If you want to help me, you just need to click on the web link below :

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbXW0094HYc"]YouTube - Buzz videos with pictograms[/ame]

Thank you very much for visiting my video and I encourage you to give me some advice to boost the buzz :)

Have a nice day !


Senior Member
It's actually a pretty decent video. If you can get it noticed by a high-traffic blog you'll likely have 5000 views in no time. Fubiz is a French blog I visit from time to time; they might be willing to show off your video.

And I also tweeted your video. Good luck.