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Struggling with Funeral Order of Service inspiration

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or examples regarding funeral Orders of Service? A friend of mine recently passed away, and I'd like to do something special, but the time constraints have put me in a bit of a panic, and I'm struggling to find any inspiration.

Just thought I'd ask.




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Really sorry for your loss.

I don't have anything for this kinda service, however, I'll tweet your thread and hopefully you'll get some responses.


Paul Murray

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Given the circumstances, whatever you do will surely be good enough. From experience it tends to be a simple case of an A4 sheet folded in half – front cover with an image of the deceased, their full name and the dates of birth and death. Inside can be pretty much anything, an agenda for the funeral along with lyrics to hymns, etc. Perhaps just a poem or quote that sums-up the person.

What would they like?


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I'll see if I can dig out the order of service my wife put together for her mums funeral (you know how they say designing for yourself is hard?... well this is even fucking harder!)

This is the outside cover (front & back)

And then a sample from the inside pages
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Paul Murray

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Looks ok to me. I'd maybe bring the image on the cover forward so the flower silhouette is beneath it, and remove the dash before the Reverend's name so it reads as a single line – "Service led by reverend Melanie Sopp"