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Struggling to get graphic design job


New Member
Hi so I have two degrees in graphic design (AS and BA) and live in Michigan. I had an internship at a print/graphic design shop and found some volunteer work using a general volunteering website. Otherwise I've had little to no luck in getting anything other than working with my neighbor who didn't go to school but sells promotional items and does graphic design. I've had a couple of interviews, some for paid, and some for unpaid. I don't know what to do, it's disappointing because I graduated last summer. I have a nice clean resume and this is my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/38156617/Portfolio

Please help


Staff member
Ok... first things first, this is just based on the work that's on your behance and apologies in advance if this offends you.

I'll be blunt here, your work is going to be outclassed by a lot of other people in the graphic design fields, it's a tough field to start with and your work isn't really that high a standard. If you hadn't said you had a BA in graphic design (for the UK people like me, the AS is about alevel) I would have been thinking this is a hobbyist or someone at gcse/a-level at best because some of the work on show has glaring issues. Basic things like padding around text (white background) on the fold out brochure and using a low resolution wine bottle (pouring wine) on the art show flyer really stand out to people who do design day in day out.

I'd also say you need to practice more with composition of your designs and also improve your skills in some of the software you use as I'm going to go out on a limb and say you only used photoshop for most if not all your portfolio work.