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Struggle with illustration - should this be an obstacle when designing logo's?


I'm normally fine when I'm asked to design a web design/layout but when it comes to designing a logo/header I struggle coming up with an initial logo design. This is mainly due to the fact that when I look at other peoples logo's almost always there is some sort of illustration invoved - but I cant draw at all so thats out the question!

My main question is there some sort of pattern pack, or a place to get these images from which can then be manipulated to fit in with the design? Or should I simply give up because I can't draw?

Thanks! :clap:
well vectors are what you want, plenty of places on the internet do them. You can generally edit them in illustrator so should be what you're looking for


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What taste's better? A microwave meal or a freshly cooked steak?

Your work will be stronger if you learn to develop your skills and create your own images rather than putting someone else's vectors in the microwave.

- EDIT - And plenty of well known and long-standing logos have no illustrations in them at all. Look at Coca-Cola, Nike, Microsoft, Google, YouTube... I could go on. If you're going to make logos, yes develop your illustration skills as they are needed to at least put your basic ideas onto paper but also play to your strengths as a designer.
Thanks guys.

I think I'll work on my illustration skills a little, but more improtantly work on doing more typography which I prefer. :)