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Strange CSS Error in Firefox PC/Mac


Junior Member
Hi All,

I'm coding a site using CSS :hover image changers. When I was testing the site I encountered a very strange error I've never seen before using Firefox for Mac, but after the first time, I couldn't reproduce the error, so I figured it was merely a glitch on my end, but when the client began testing they also encountered the error, this time on Firefox for PC, version 3.6.10.

I've attached a screenshot of the error. I've never encountered anything like this before, and can't seem to reproduce it on any of my PC or Mac browsers, even after clearing the cache.

You can view the site live here: readerservice.pixelsmithdesign.com/extras

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




Junior Member
Hi Guys,

Thanks for checking. I'm really baffled by the error. It's only happened twice, but I'm reluctant to tell the client, "Oh, don't worry about it," but I'm not sure I can solve a problem I can't replicate.

Thanks again!