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Stock Photography Websites


Senior Member
any recommendations, i've had a (long) look through istock and not found what i need, I know I could just google stock photography, but I would rather a few recommendations.

I have been asked by my client to get an image of a girl, with her hood up, head down, hair out and flowing onto her front. In an ideal world it would either be plain or have so sort of bling chic about it (i feel bad describing it like that).

I would rather find something that is close to the mark on a stock website than have to get a photographer, model, shoot set up...

They are only a small firm and adding to their cost with a shoot would probably push everything out of their budget.

I should probably just troll myspace! haha.


Senior Member
would you believe it! I found what I thought was the perfect photo on stock.xchng, joined, logged in, loaded the photo so i could get a clearer look, and that woman had one ugly face! haha, so much for a quick solution!