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Stock Imagery

Hi, quick one. Just wondering what peoples opinions are on the best stock/royalty free photo site is around at the moment? and the cheapest....

Berry said:
Think we had a thread on this somewhere, also links to the best free stock stuff.
Maybe someone should compile the definitive source list for everyone! hint hint
Apoligies for the re-post if so. A definitive list would be 'great' ;)
Hi, yes I'm also interested in finding a good site to use that have royalty free images. Some of the sites I've been on still charge a hefty fee to download these images for use on my website. I need some images of Paris, and one site I'd gone on charge $200 for dowloading a royalty free pic. I realise they have to make money - but don't you agree that's a bit steep?

There are so many to choose from - anyone got a good name?

Thanks - :confused: