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Stephanie Warne Photography Portfolio


Junior Member
Hello beautiful people,

I just redesigned a portfolio site for a friend of mine, and really wanted some feedback to make sure its as kosher as Christmas and I hadn't made any silly errors...


(I have no control over the domain name or the email address :/ )
Also what are peoples thoughts on the ultra-wide 1200px layout?

Looks good but there's a couple of things you might want to consider.

- The navigation could be a touch lighter to add a little more contrast, it's quite dark against the black background.
- I was expecting the image at the front to change like a slideshow but I just sat there waiting for more work that didn't come, slightly disappointing really since it's a pretty good picture and I wanted to see others.


Junior Member
Thanks for the feedback!
You were right about the nav contrast, I bumped it up, I think it looks a lot better now, thanks!

The image on the front is a slideshow, I'm suprised it doesnt work for you, which browser are you using? I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same problem ....
No problem! Yes it definitely looks better now.

Currently using Firefox 5.0.1 on a Mac. Coming directly from your link I'm not getting the slideshow at all. On the other hand, when visiting a page such as the about page and then clicking the logo to go back to the home page the slideshow starts up after 5 or so seconds.


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I like the design, including the 1200px width layout, it looks great filling the whole of my screen (1296x980).

However, the problem is that it doesn't shrink to fit into a 1024x768 resolution (which I still think all layouts should be catering for) and even worse, when loading in the above resolution there's no scroll bar, making it impossible to see (and therefore click) half the navigation. When I view on 1024x768 I can see About & Weddings, but Personal & Contact are hidden.

For me the design should be flexible enough so that when viewed on 1024x768 it all fits in nicely without the need for horizontal scroll bars, but at the very least there needs to be scroll bars to move and see the extra content.

Other than that though, I really like it. Nice fade affects between different sections and looks very professional.