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Static pages on Wordpress

Hey guys, quick question on wordpress. I am currently teaching myself btw so very little knowlege, sorry if this question has a simple answer!! When making a static page, which is the best way to add content.

For example have a look at this site (not mine, just 1st site i found to give an example) Ken Mann's Transformology: The Business of Lightening Up

How are the elements of this site controllable. What i mean is should i be using the wp editor to add content (text) and if so how do i give separate classes/ids to specific elements of the page? As far as i can see the wp editor just wraps the whole text in a tag and thats it.

If i want three/four + different elements of a page all with their own separate tags how should i be doing it.

Apologies if this does not make sense but this is pretty much the only thing holding me back using wp, and i have literally looked at a lot of books/tutorials all of which do not really answer my question.