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Starting own Web Design Small Business.

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by harypo, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. harypo

    harypo Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I am planning to start my own web developing business. First, I will be starting off at home and then seeing how it goes and will decide to take it to a bigger level. Keeping in mind the present scenario, web designing and internet based business are proving to be one of the most profitable businesses, but having said that it’s important here to deliver the best.

    I just want to get as much information as I can and tips before really getting into it. I am planning to start with one or two small projects and then thinking of expanding my business when having enough work and resources.

    What do you people think on that?
  2. rachel84

    rachel84 New Member


    I think you're thinking along the right lines, I am too thinking of setting up freelance but due to the current financial climate I am keeping my full time job on and working part time for myself as a designer. The main thing I am focusing on is having my own web portfolio up and running so have been working on a number of projects to ensure this happens. Once I have the website up and running I will then contact other small businesses and start small and work my way up. I have found that your work speaks for itself and word of mouth is key in this business, if you leave your business cards with clients they can then recommend you to others. Hope this has helped.
  3. Poppy Design

    Poppy Design Member

    Hello there!

    That is what I did 3 years ago.

    I had a full time job and with much encouragment from family and friends and a very cool boss, who let me go part time, I slowly but gradually built up my portfolio.
    Within 6 months I was ready to go full time at my own business and have been busy ever since!

    You need to build up your portfolio, make contacts and network.

    Good luck!

  4. IS-James

    IS-James Member

    There is a good article on A List Apart about how to manage time and responsibilities when working from home. It is a useful read for anyone who is about to start working from home or considering it in the future.
  5. overnight

    overnight Guest

    Quite true

    The article was really good, working from home is not easy, toughest thing is to manage a work schedule from home. You really need to be disciplined while working.

    But, one thing is sure, you really enhance your management skills while working.
  6. teapot81

    teapot81 New Member

    Go for it!! There is plenty of work out there. Portfolio is important and make sure you get your name about. Build contacts and deliver on time. We were in the same position as you. check out our website The GLG Group | Website Design | Website Designers | Small Business Websites
  7. ngdesign

    ngdesign New Member


    That sounds like me 4 years ago... Definitly go for it, its always hard to try get yourself established but with hard work and time you can make it happen. Main thing is try get a strong portfolio, offer sites for cheap prices, practically giving them away just to build it up. If your designs are good enough you will prevail. Good luck!
  8. weareabstrakt

    weareabstrakt New Member

    Sorry but I respectfully disagree. Devaluing your work is the last thing you want to do because when/if you do prevail then all those clients you built up will still expect the same level of service/quality for the same price. Yes it's important to have a strong portfolio, but you should charge what you think your work is worth.

    Pricing is one of the hardest things about intangible services like design and the only advice I can give is don't give up, it's all a learning curve and you will get there eventually. We've been running a small agency for over 3 years now and although our processes are a lot better than when we started, sometimes we still get it wrong :icon_Wall:

    In my experience a strong USP and an honest, approachable attitude are the biggest reasons people have for choosing you, especially in a climate where trust is more of an issue than it ever was.

    Oh, and make sure you've got a name that's easy to remember and not too hard to spell - we learnt that one the hard way...
  9. webasoft

    webasoft Member

    starting your own business

    I started a web business 2 months ago , I have started it with my good developer friend he is awesome at database stuff and development and also not bad at designs too" I cant do any of these things but his weaknesses are my strengths. I look after the business ie tax Vat stationary premesis etc whilst he solely works on the websites ( with occasional input from me..) . We have a design guy who comes in twice per week and have just grabbed a talented lad from a local college to give him experience.

    Gain a few client's, try to bag one or two good ones as apposed to loads of nomarks" We were lucky in the fact that we have ties with a local Skoda dealership, I managed to bag one smaller website then we decided to get out of the bedroom and into an office. As soon as we got the office and went VAT registered it was as if things just changed" we both became more professional toward what we were doing and people around us began to treat us differently, it allowed us to invite client's to our premesis which automatically gives them confidence in spending with you, then with that came 4 more jobs. We have been trading for 7 weeks and have generated nearly £6000 worth of work. Starting the business was not too hard we found a small local office which we paid 6 months upfront giving us time to concentrate on websites rather than worrying about rent, i bought desks off of the gumtree website for £140 and leased two good computers from PCWorld biz..dont get me wrong its not easy, its time consuming and money sapping especially for the first month and i have barely seen my wife but on the other hand i feel confident and full of self belief and have gained respect from others for making the step forward " this stuff you cant put a price on".

    Take it slowly and good luck'

    Chris Davison
  10. webasoft

    webasoft Member

    I totally agree, you need to price accordingly as it gains respect. I recently priced for a job and the client showed me a copy of his recent alternative quotation it was around £3600, he was a friend of a friend and i think was expecting me to beat the quote, it did cross my mind but the work involved was high and i also believed my company would create a better final product so i priced accordingly £4300 you would then think that the client would go for the cheaper option no no no we got the job!!! some people prefer to spend as they presume they will get what they pay for and in web design thats TRUE!
  11. randomwebdesign

    randomwebdesign New Member

    Website Businesses

    Hi mate,

    good luck to you on your new business, we're ina similar position. Best bet is to hammer the sales, but LOOK after your customers. GEt your name out there. Email the local newspaper and say new entrepreneur is in town doing this. Do some press releases, flyers, posters, banners. Anything to get your name out there. And once again, customers you get, look after them and they will tell their friends how good you are, ergo you earn more money.
    good luck mate,

  12. randomwebdesign

    randomwebdesign New Member

    Yeh i agree with retrograffica, you cannot undersell / oversell. You will get stuck with that image of cheap / expensive designs and you will struggle changing that image. If you want to do lots of fast cheap designs. Do fast cheap designs. If you want to do expensive flashy designs, do them, but dont undersell.

    A good point at the moment is there are a ton of small businesses laying off staff, that are then going out and starting new businesses, who all need websites. Target these at first, good source of income!
  13. kithappens

    kithappens New Member

    Go for it, I think may of us started off in the same way, I would second someone elses comments though about not giving away sites or charging too little, simply charge the right amount, otherwise you devalue your work, and we all know referrals grow business, if you customer base refers you to other clients expcting the same next to nothing pricing, it'll be hard to move away from.

    Feel free to drop me a line for any advice.
  14. rob@cystem

    rob@cystem Member

    Hi There

    I've not long started a website design business, in fact I started it as early as March 2009. When we first started the business I was working from home and had a client base of 1 LOL. Were now in July and we are now able to boast a client base of 6 clients and although this is a very small growth margin to us as a business we think it is fantastic.

    It's certainly worth doing and it most certainly is worth the risk, at the end of the day it's one of those where if it fails you can turn around to someone and say I did it and I had a go. My business is doing rather well, it could be better, however with the economic climate I'd say I'm very pleased with the result.

    We started off by simply offering website design and then we moved into graphic design, logo design and now we offer a broad range of services. What worked for us was to target people who were start up their own business and popping in a business a card or an offer.

    Go for it. Good luck :D

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