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Starting over- Any advice Welcome

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone ever started again so to speak with careers or left a job for a career in design etc?

I've been spinning my wheels for years working in IT but never really enjoying my career choice.

I graduated in 2007 with a HND in multimedia design which to be honest I was very lucky to get, my course work was awful and I spent more time partying with my student loan than I did studying and completing tutorials.

Flash Forward 9 years and I've been working in IT service Desks doing 1st line support and recently got a good job as a technical support engineer which involves a more varied role. Problem is I am still unhappy.

I'm 30 years old now and really nervous about making the leap, the problem I have from my side is i'm earning over 20k pear year now less than 25k but still a reasonable salary from what I used to earn and ideally Id start by completing tutorials on psdtuts, Lynda, magazines etc essentially doing everything to learn a new trade but obviously I'm worried, I have no experience and will be going up against 16-17-18 years old who are unbelievable and obvious veterans in the industry. Now my current plan is as above, but also to start things like an online portfolio, get on instagram and obviously pracice practice practice.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are, what are my options? I will be exploring going to an evening college course and supplement this with my studies but just need some help etc.


Staff member
I took a break from design and got back into it when I was 30.
I think it was about six years.

I came back from travelling, bought an iMac and taught myself to use it and all the software.
No tut's sites back then.
I built myself a portfolio and started applying for jobs until I got one which was at a printers but it got my foot in the door again and I learned a lot from it.
It's doable. :D

Paul Murray

Staff member
This is a common dilemma for many people. My advice would always be take the plunge and go after the career you desire, but only if you can justify the pay-cut and additional financial burden on your spouse. Design isn't an easy industry to get into (though many people would have you believe otherwise) and the work isn't always as fun and creatively free as you'd imagine. Make sure you're making the switch for the right reasons.