Starting out


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Hello! I’m looking for some advice re: getting started in graphic design. I’ve got a degree in English Literature (useful, I know) and since graduating I’ve worked in a handful of marketing jobs where I’ve done graphic design and learnt as I went along. I’ve always been passionate about art and design; I studied it at school and at college, but since then it’s only really been a hobby. I’ve now decided I’d like to pursue graphic design as a fulltime job. I’ve concluded I need to go back into education to build up my skill set, but I don’t think I can face (or afford) another three year undergrad degree. If I was to do a year’s BTEC diploma in graphic design (which I can do alongside a full time job) and then a foundation degree at a London university next September, would this be a reasonable pathway into a graphic design career? Would these credentials be enough, or would I still be falling far behind those with undergrad degrees? I’d really appreciate some advice, since I don’t know anyone in the business that I can talk to. Thanks a lot!