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Starting a Design Workshop


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I'm a thinking of starting a design workshop & wondered if anyone's interested. I'm not planning on teaching applications, there's plenty of sites that do that. What I'm going to teach is the thinking behind design. Concepts, typography, layout etc, whether it's for print or digital.

The complaint I've been hearing over & over from art directors is they have a team that is great at using applications but don't really get design & I'm hoping to help change this.

I plan to do a 6 week course. There will be a live online lecture once a week with a project set at the end of the lecture. The project will need to be completed by the following lesson, where we will discuss what's been produced.

I'm opening it to only 8 students, so we can really focus on getting a lot done each week.

Does this interest you?


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Moderators can this thread be moved to somewhere else, where we can discuss this? It's turned into a 'what is design' post & there's loads I want to reply to.

I really want this to be read by junior designers or people wanting to get into design, rather than people already established & then we can slog it out on this post without clouding the original message.

Let me know if it's possible & I'll post a new thread for the workshop, thanks.
I run a print business and as we haven't yet found a suitable Graphic Designer I end up doing most of the print design work if needed.

So I have good understanding of applications & the adobe suite and what is required to set it up for print. However, despite reading and watching lots of tutorials online, I still struggle with the basics of design.


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@Dolphin-Design Perfect, the course is aimed at people just like yourself. I think it will really help. I've had some great interest over the last couple of days, so instead of replying to everybody I'll set up a site over the weekend where you can sign up for more info & I'll keep you updated.

I plan to start the course early September, I'll post the web address here over the weekend.