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Started a Facebook page for my illustration work…

With the new Facebook set up without paying it is very hard to do most self promotion tactics.

Love your work by the way great conceptual mind.

You way already do this but try posting a peak facebook times as then more people see it on there activity screen.

Paul Murray

Staff member
To get your posts seen on Facebook you basically need to pay, though you can ask followers to like your posts to help ensure they see future posts. Expect ~10% of your followers to see your content on average. I have a page with just shy of 3500 likes, and only about 350 people see the content I post, unless it gets shared which boosts it a little.

Facebook is no longer a social network, it's a B2C marketing platform (and a very good one if you're targeting a specific demographic). I wouldn't expect too much interaction aside from likes and the occasional share or maybe even a comment. We live in an age of endless scrolling and people tend to just browse content now. Likes are easy since you can do it with one tap of your phone screen, but commenting and sharing takes a little extra effort and people are just too lazy.