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Sports performance psychology logo design


I am new on this site so hi everyone. I asking for a bit of advice on some designs I have for a sports performance psychology company. The brief is follows :

  • The business will be called EYP, which stands for 'Enhancing Your Performance'.
  • It is a consulting business set up by myself to help sporting individuals, coaches, teams and organisations to help improve their performance.
  • I am looking to be innovative and 'ahead of the curve; in how I offer services to clients. Also the aim is to work at the elite end of sport.
  • In terms of branding - I am looking for something that is modern, clean, fresh and reasonably simple - striking the balance between a professional outfit and something which is not too "stuffy"
I have done some designs I was wondering if anybody had some feedback on them.

Many thanks




Staff member
Generally the words beneath an initial logo spell out what the initials are for. There's no way anyone would know that EYP stands for what it stands for.

The best I think is the circle one, but you'll lose those thin lines in certain printing and on certain mediums.


Well-Known Member
I agree with Hank. I think you need to have a rethink on what the company is called. I don't really like
any of them to be honest, and there's certainly no correlation between the logo and name. Can it be called
something like 'Enhance' or 'Perform'? Enhancing Your Performance is more of a sub-heading to me.
Thanks guys for you help. It's the guy I'm working for, he is instant that he wants the company name called EYP and a different strap line underneath. Very confusing I know, but the customer is always right.


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Yes, it really doesn't make sense to have initials that no-one knows what they stand for and are a bit of a
mouthful anyway. Can they at least put a U in there so it spells EYUP? (Sorry, I'm from oop north!) :)