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Specialized Web Hosting For Graphics Designers & Developers

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Adam J Macks, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Adam J Macks

    Adam J Macks New Member

    Empower your online Graphics Design & Development Business by offering your Clients Versatile Web Hosting Services! We provide premium Web Hosting Solutions that can cater for all Business requirements big or small.

    With 1000+ Instant install applications (see features here) you have ultimate power at your finger tips! Creating Websites & Developing them has never been so easy!

    What are we offering?

    Master Reseller

    Unlimited Secure Disk Space
    Resell cPanel/WHM
    Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    300 Domains
    Basic Technical Support
    Linux cPanel/WHM

    $4.97 /Month or $29.97 P/Year

    Alpha Reseller

    Unlimited Secure Disk Space
    Resell cPanel/WHM/Master
    Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    650 Domains
    Basic Technical Supprt
    Linux cPanel/WHM - Zamfoo Alpha

    $8.97 /Month or $42.97 P/Year

    Super Alpha Reseller

    Unlimited Secure Disk Space
    Resell cPanel/WHM/Master/Alpha
    Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    Unlimited Domains
    Premium Technical Support
    Linux cPanel/WHM - Super Alpha

    $12.97 or $99.97 P/Year

    Click here to see our full feature list

    Click Here to Visit Our Website

    Direct email (For DTM Members -

    Support or Open up a Support Tick Here (must register)

    If you have any questions don't hesitate too ask.

    Adam (Pixels Hosts)

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