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sorry dudes need some simple help


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zip file....
or you could use something like you send it (not worth paying for) or upload to your site and give them a link in the email if they'll accept it


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balders said:
Any smaller if you make a hi res pdf?

Do they need to be ai files?
As above or you can use some compression software to split the file into multiple smaller files.

Does the printer not have an ftp?


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More to the point... Do you not have an ftp?

Failing that you get 2gb space for free with dropbox - and then you can share it publicly
How big is big?

Does the AI file have linked/embedded images? If so check the pixel dimensions and resolution of the images against the print resolution of the AI file. Big images can bloat AI files to stupid sizes. Remember A4 is 2480px wide @ 300dpi, so that's all the image needs to be for print.

Or, create a print-ready PDF? This will convert any over-sized images to cropped 300dpi versions for press.