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Some Web Design Businesses...

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by Alex L, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Alex L

    Alex L Senior Member

    I'm actually angry. I'm a first year Computing student and a bit short on cash so I've been looking for jobs but I don't want this to get in the way of my studies. I noticed some bar work that was small enough hours. I've just checked their website, which is pretty poor, I thought I'd offer to update content for free if I could word it somehow that seemed okay.

    I just can't believe that people get away with selling something so poor. It's like someone coming to fit windows at your house and instead of glass, cling film taped a hole in the wall. I also checked out the site of the web designer and the coding is poor, pretty sure it's generated along with a portfolio of equally dreadful websites. I bet I could do a job 20 times better for a quarter of the cost.
  2. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    There's a Karate Club in sunderland (not the one I train at) that recently got it's website re-done. The web design business put a link to their own site in the footer and I clicked it. It's essentially the same but mirrored!
  3. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Naaaaaaw .... ;) Do it at 20 times the cost but for people who value that kind of quality ;)
  4. Alex L

    Alex L Senior Member

    My point is, I'm not that knowledgeable. I'd love to be a web developer but I'm already better than someone that is charging good money. Yet I'm a long way away from what I would consider an acceptable standard for calling myself a web developer.

    I'm working on creating a site for my portfolio, and this forum will be the first to see but I'm sure you'll all have lots of lovely constructive criticism for me to work on.
  5. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    I feel you there ... Took me plenty of guts to go out there and sell my stuff, even though I consider myself better (i only do print design [corporate design, brochures, you know ...]) than most market actors ... You know what? People don’t notice most of the time, if they are not in the same field of work. Else they would not throw their money out for sh*t ... If you are better than those frauds, get yout there and help make the world a better designed place, you won’t do any harm ...
  6. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Alex, unfortunately the web is awash with web development/design cowboys, probably less now than a few years ago as clients become more educated on the topics, but you can still find them. Best advice is to not think about them, just advise clients about the negatives and prove you can do a better job, if you can win work/clients whilst charging a fair rate then go for it, real live project experience will accelerate your learning and portfolio like nothing else :)

    (The cowboys I tend to see are IT related companies who think that because they can fix a PC and have a copy of Dreamweaver they can charge an arm & a leg for a table template!)
  7. Becky

    Becky Member

    *red mist rises*

    even worse then they think they can offer 'graphic design services' too and churn out hideous photoshop logos/flyers smattered with comic sans and clip art
  8. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Oooooh but it's so much cheaper!


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