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Some PHP coding help?

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This is probably something very simple that i've missed but maybe someone can have a look below and give me an answer / help?

I have an “I Love it” wordpress theme running which has a profile update on the front end. I have stuck the s2member plugin on to allow for a few extra form questions and to control membership.

The only thing that i’m struggling with is how to call these extra fields into the profile page. The code i’m using to call the extra fields:

<label for="description"><?php _e('Date of Birth', 'cosmotheme') ?></label>
				<input class="text-input" name="ws_plugin__s2member_profile_dob" type="text" id="ws-plugin--s2member-profile-dob" <?php echo $disabled ?> value="<?php echo get_user_meta($current_user->ID, 'ws-plugin--s2member-profile-dob', true);  ?>" />
But this doesn’t seem to call the user_meta data from the profile.

I know that there is an option to use the shortcode to create an editable area, but the theme already has one and I just want to add to it with the few extra fields. Also because the current profile edit page has the ability to allow for uploads of avatars etc.

If someone could point out to me why this isn’t working above, or if there is an easy way to make this work that would be great.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.