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Some of my work

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Defiance, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

  2. Nice looking design work there, I tried to visit your site, but I am assuming you haven't got anything up yet?
  3. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    The files for my original portfolio were lost, I'm still waiting to get my new design coded; unless someone will help me out for free/return of service.
  4. Ahh man, backup backup backup lol. Might be hard pushed to find someone to build the assets for your site for free. Are you planning to use Wordpress or anything like that? I get that impression.

    That reminds me, need a new hdd for the iMac lol.
  5. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    Cannot stand Mac's.. Overpriced, fashion accessories..

    I don't use Wordpress, no, I have enough knowledge to edit HTML/CSS/Whatever else, I just hate doing it. I did have a backup, but I lost my old HD to a surge, then the server it was hosted on crashed, I would of had to pay the coder to get the files back.
  6. I was starting to struggle on my PC for the type of work I was doing and in all honestly the Mac seems to have a similar spec but is just that much faster in things like Photoshop / Illustrator etc. Each to their own I guess.

    I have added you as a friend as there is a chance I may be outsourcing my branding/homepage design work because I have been way to busy with client work that my stuff has taken the back burner. In any event, maybe we can come to an agreement with design for xhtml / css.

    But, I will let you know if it comes down to that as I am currently putting ideas together for branding.
  7. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    My current laptop has 4GB Ram, i3 Processor and Intel HD Graphics (not the best) and I do just fine, even working on large projects. If you give me your budget, I could try putting a desktop together for you.

    It's best to contact me via Email or MSN, I don't check here that often;

    Mobile: 07909 095 044

    I could also help you out with some ideas, let me know.

    Thanks :)
  8. We shall see, early stages at the moment.

    I've built my own PC's for years to be honest and always had a good spec pc for the job. Unfortuneatly at the time I went and bought a PC from PC world because of a Motherboard failure on my old one and made the biggest mistake. At the time I just needed a PC as quickly as I could get one because of client work.

    I currently only have skype setup on the Mac.

  9. GTrekMedia Limited

    GTrekMedia Limited New Member

    really like the logo
  10. georgerogers

    georgerogers Member

    Cool work! I like looking at other people's work and seeing if I could do anything similar to test myself. It gives me ideas and opportunities to learn so I'm most greatful :icon_smile:

    The logos great... It's simple and recognisable. Good work!
  11. yellowww

    yellowww Member

    Joe Million logo looks good :) Like it.
  12. Toppers

    Toppers Member

    Some nice stuff there indeed.

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