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some help?

Hi all, sorry i am not sure where this would go, so if i have posted in the wrongs section pleas move or say where to post thanks.

Right now down to business, i am in need of a tutorial on how to create something like the two images you can see here (links below) could anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial pleas.



Sean Lee-Amies

So let's start with the main design, completely disregard the reflection at the bottom of the first image you linked to. If you want it vector, I would create the design, consisting of many individual rectangles replicating the different heights of each strand of colour and then you simply need to apply a gradient to the resulting shape. To replicate the reflection you can either stretch the image vertically and place a horizontal bar with a black gradient (vertical gradient with three points, 0% opacity, 100% opacity, 0% opacity) over the top, or you could just duplicate the image and apply a gradient mask or something. If you convert to raster it would simply be a case of duplicate the image, move it down, take the eraser tool and set the size to about 25% of the width of the design, 0% hardness and then just shift click drag across the top of the duplicated image.

Same technique for the second one, but all you would need to do afterwards in PS is to create the swirly path with the pen tool and then create a new layer, with the pen tool still selected, right click on the path and select stroke path - you will then be prompted to use either the brush or the pencil and it will use what ever settings you currently have so make sure the brush type is something similar to the style that you want. Make sure to play around with the Brush Shape Dynamics to achieve the tapered ends.

If you get stuck, there are tons of tutorials available for these kind of things, just google a few of the keywords mentioned above or come back here :)

This is general graphic design, so I have moved it to the general graphic design area :)