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some help please?


Senior Member
hello again,

i've been coding away for a couple of days and have hit a brick wall with something. probably some easy CSS fix, but as far as the internet tuts sites go, and my common sense goes, it's not fixing the issue.

if anyone's got a few minutes spare today, could they please send me their email addresses via PM so i can email you the zip file for the site?




Senior Member
my bad this was a quick message sent out before work.

it's just one page. i need to vertical align 5 lines, so that they're in the middle of the icons on the line itself.

used many different options in CSS but to no avail.


Senior Member
nope, for the mean time i didn't want to jump ahead of myself, i wanted to keep it locally until launch.

i wanted to individually email people with the files who could potentially help so this isnt just up for anyone to see.


Senior Member
<this was a post with my code in it, turns out it's probably useless without the photos that are linked in the div>

my bad. useless thread.


Active Member
I'll have a look for you Tim, although not 100% I'll be able to help..
greg(AT)gregfindley(DOT)com or give me a shout on MSN..