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Some french beef (illustrations)


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Hi everyone!

As you can see, i'm french, and i just would like to introduce you to my favourite artists, illustrators, comic designers, etc...

Here is the list :

- Bastien Vivès : French comic artist, this 25 years old boy is just so talented
- Ludovic Debeurme : Illustrator and comic artist, he's got a very strange universe, i really like it. I had the opportunity to meet him many times.
- Margaux Motin : She's illustrator for many woman magasines, books, and she's very famous because of her blog.
- Boulet : This one is the good of comic art in belgium, the most succefull blog in all the story of comic art blog
- Erwann Surcouf : Great style for this talented illustrator and comic artist
- Natacha Sicaud : She's illustrator and sometimes she makes comics
- Benjamin Lacombe : This man is illustrator for books and stories for children, his universe is such strange and perfectly painted, If you go to Paris this days, there is an exibition where you can see his artworks.
- Nancy Peña : Illustrator and comic artist, very very classy work.

Anddddd that's alll!! Well, i got many others that i could show you, anyway, it's just impossible, i love plenty of them!

Sorry for my awfull english!! Damn i lost my words!

Enjoy these sites! :)



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Lunera > Yep, i know the work of Pénélope Bagieu, she's kinda cool, i met her last time in Paris for a dedication of her last comic book, her style is a lot parisian and girly.