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Software traffic

Hi all

Got a question: having 'returned' to the world of design after a year, I've realised the importance of software knowledge and expertise within architecture field specifically (i.e. my industry). Sooo I am wondering which exactly is the best CAD software to get a proper grip on - REVIT, Microstation, Vectorworks, or another? I've been using AutoCAD for about 8 years. Which 3D software is worth investigating - 3DSMax, Maya, Rhino (can't think of any other fancy ones)? I've been using SketchUp previously at work and a visualiser friend suggested using Blender for rendering.

Sorry my intention is not to advertise particular products but if you check out ads for architectural vacancies (at various levels) they all expect practicing knowledge of the one or more of the above.

Any suggestions?


Senior Member
I have a little experience with 3dsm and even less with cinema4d - on the face of it theyre very similar but its worth knowing that importing files from autocad to either of them require various tweaks and adaptations to get the model looking right. Also autocad by nature forces you to be very precise with movements where as 3dsm/c4d (in my experience) are a little more "lets see what this does" kind of affairs.

I would opt for 3dsm as it has a huge following with lots of resources and third party applications/rendering agents that can be used alongside.

Its like saying should I get illustrator or corel draw - both have their merits and you could do the same thing on either, its preference and backup (by way of information/tutorials) which should sway your decision.


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3d visualisation - outsourcing is another option ;)

As to software - Plans - autocad is still main program in my opinion. Rendering - sketchup pro with rendering package, revit and 3ds max (imports sketchup and has better rendering tools) are main directions for architecture.

Some do use others such as cinema4d (especially mac users) and even rhino.