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software testers required


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Thought this may be of interest to anyone in London

Jobs The iPlatform

Software Testers (part-time)

We’re looking for 1-2 part time testers for our software products and the Facebook applications and games we build for our clients. This will be an hourly paid job for 1-2 half-days a week (to start with). It’s a role that would be ideal for someone with an active interest in start-ups, software, applications etc – but no technical or programming knowledge is required.
Signs of a good tester:
• Scientific
• Loves a good puzzle, even the kind that takes days to solve
• Likes to think about things methodically
• Generally likes working with software and computers
(thanks to joelonsoftware.com for the above)
Pay is £8 per hour, plus free lunch and travel expenses. If this suits you – get in touch now by emailing jobsATtheiplatform.com

Know someone who could be perfect for any of the roles above? Refer someone who we hire and we’ll pay you £200! Aren’t we nice