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Social Interaction?

Hi, I am in my 3rd year at university studying Product Design. I had recently been asked to create a physical object which improves social interaction and I am finding it difficult to think of ideas considering how vague a topic this is. I have been looking at existing models such as interactive glasses or pillows for long distance relationships which light up when the other person is lying on theirs. I have been thinking of gloves which change colour depending your body language/emotions. I don't need to actually say how this product would be manufactured, just need to come up with creative ideas so if any of you have any ideas it'd be a lot of help, thanks!

Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to Design Forums! We get a lot of people who register, ask a question and then disappear. When that happens, there is no value to either the community or the members of it; people are reluctant to answer questions from new members who have seemingly signed up with the sole intention of having their question answered.
Myself and others are more than happy to help you about, but why don't you get a little bit more involved with the community first? There is a lot of value to be had from our community, not just to answer a single question, which you could probably answer yourself if you sat down and really thought about it. Which is the point of these exercises, I should add, to test your ability in developing unique ideas that could have real world applications.
Nice to meet you though :)


Staff member
My background is product design and to put it simply, that brief/topic is anything but vague, it's actually quite defined in it's requirements...
Also I'd go as far as to say your current 'direction of research' is not fitting the brief, there's no social interaction when you're not with someone....
Oh and welcome to forum, but you're not getting any more pointers from me until you join in more :)