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Soap packaging/re-branding brief

Ok a biggie!

Im working on a brief today-
You are required to design an innovative new brand of either soap, tea, or chocolate. brand, design and package your selected product.
choose from the following catogries: basic, ethical, gift or abstract.
Think about the subject matter typographically, illustratively or photographically.

.................My chosen product-Soap
my route- luxurious soap for the 'snob' rich types, very posh, expensive, high standard design, textures...etc

My research inspiration;

I have been looking at william morris decor, vintage, 'fleur de lys' type patterns, different textures, lace...etc
I'm thinking of an english rose theme. Beautiful, delicate, clean, soft designs, with touches of photography or illustration...

Maybe i could give this a Topshop feel/modern twist?

So now you hopefully have the gist of my concept? does anybody have any ideas/more inspiration, packaging, material, logo/type suggestions to fit into this theme? or any other ideas to help me out before i crack on with design mock ups? :)
I think the research you've done is great...you've picked some fantastic designs for your inspiration.

I don't really see the point in giving your brand a modern 'TopShop' feel - if you ask yourself who would usually buy expensive soap, generally it's not going to be the people who buy from TopShop. However, your designs could still feature elements of very modern typography..just don't make it too youthful.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with up
oh yes! good point. silly me! For a sec there i totally forgot it would be for luxury and a higher class target.
thanks, advice taken on board.

Will be posting on this thread my first designs for feedback soon. So keep an eye out ;)


Staff member
Ok this is what popped into my head from what you put up top -
In terms of packaging I'd be going really simple and go for a clear packaging with some type over it saying scent etc and then leave the 'detail' to the soap.
The 'detail' in the soap would be a cut away or moulded design, think like a carving (but simple enough to do with a machine) and each one could be different with a design relating to the scents in the soap etc.

OK. Unfortunately my lecturers want me to take a different route. So this project will be abandonned for a short while. I am now changing the whole concept completley and doing something really quirky (e.g.soap & glory brand inspiration).....please look out for future threads on the NEW soap packaging project i will be posting.

However i will return to this and complete it in my own time for my personal portfolio.
Thankyou for your help levi............

"each one could be different with a design relating to the scents in the soap etc."

This was the kind of route i was gonna do anyway, so i'm liking that!
and the detailing in the soap sounds a lovely idea.
I'm also really keen on the clear packaging with the scent and type over it. Will be trying that one out for sure!