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So TSB Got a New Website


Sean Lee-Amies

Who the hell is using left aligned websites these days?! I don't understand why huge companies do this... they've even used (low quality, with ghosting) jepg images for text titles!? This kind of stuff enrages me, haha. They have the money and the need to have a fantastic website, and instead they get something like this... maybe it's just a temporary one while they split up :S


Staff member
I'm no webby but that looks a bit old and generic, like some sort of cheap "out of the box" site.
"maybe it's just a temporary one while they split up :S"
Like moving back in with your Mum?
Oh dear. A lot of the bank sites do look very similar, like Jordan said i feel like i've seen it before. You would think they could afford something decent!

Sean Lee-Amies

You can still design nice looking websites for IE6, that's not a valid excuse. Especially with all of the workarounds that are available these days. Also, I don't think choosing not to invest in your IT infrastructure is a valid reason to have such a poor website.