Smart phone QR barcode feedback, no coding knowledge required just thoughts.



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Hay peeps.
Right I'll start off by saying if anyone viewed this site 1 week or before you may need to refresh the page I fixed a bug with extreme html doc caching, that I kinda overlooked when i put it up, recently but it's not an issue now. Please note I still have a ever shrinking list of things I need to do when I have time, but any browser issues please let me know, I imagine the MAC may have 1 or 2.

Anyhoo I've put a QR barcode onto the site I maintain, this is basically a barcode which smart phones with QR readers can read. When their phone reads it it sends their phone all the contact info for the site. If you have a QR reader check it out.

I've had mixed results but I'm putting that down to the QR readers and not my code. :)
I personally recommend the Bee Tagg QR reader for use with this site as that's the most consistent one I've used cross the few sites that have this tech up at the mo, this has got to be by far the most advanced small business website around, lol.

If ppl with QR readers could use it and give me critic on the info your phones get that 2 would be great, any issues could you give me the name of the QR reader so I can try to replicate it. It does work with Bee Tag I know that for sure.

PPl who have no idea what a QR reader is if you could let me know if my explanation helps you understand it before you run off to find out.


I'm not going to tell you where to look it should be obvious.

→ Roger Needle, window cleaners in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham

I've just put it up and I am going to do a final check on it in a bit I've had enough of kids shouting/screaming xmas carols and seriously need a break as it hurts to think at the mo, ppl with kids should understand my pain. Happy xmas traffic lights, I hate nursery for teaching them that one, doesn't even make sense, is by far, and I mean by far, the worst, over and over and over and over and over.....again. :cry:


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I tried using my iphone - using scanlife app and it didnt work though i assume this is the app

(fyi - i couldnt use the app you mention as my iphone isnt os3.1)


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if u follow the link instead of using the js pop up ive listed links to a few qr readers 1 especially for the iphone.

i tried 1 before this n i could only get it to work on their website n beetag can be a bit tempormental n it can take some time if i turn my phone to horizontal mode then start out n move it closer keeping the square centred on it i know beetag picks it up dead quick but u have to kinda play with it to get the hang of it. but the readers are crap.

that said those squares/2d barcodes can go on anything from websites to food packets magazines or even clothes n its huge in japan so i reckon they will be the next big thing as its so easy to just get the info u need.

thanx for trying though dude. :)