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Small Typography Project

Hi Guys,

I just started this tonight, i've only been working on it in the last hour and wondered if you guys had any thoughts and idea's on it. I'm just trying to put a few things together for my portfolio as my new site is going to be launched soon. The work is pretty basic at the moment but I want to build on it over the next few weeks and see what I can come up with.


I have been looking at these guys work and was thinking about doing a simular theme.
Mind Annihilation mix by ZET :: Typography Served
cheers Levi, there's actually no spaces between them as in a press of the spacebar on the keyboard. You think they should be further apart? The reason I changed the font colours was to establish the different track names and driver names etc


Staff member
I know the reason you've done it, I've done similar with my logo (same colours but different weights). They still seem to close together for my taste especially when compared with spacing on the same colour.