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Paul Murray

Staff member
Paul Murray said:
Yup, they do great leather-bound ones.

I've never seen the appeal of a Moleskin. Frankly I think they're just status symbols.

I personally buy these from Ryman as they're often buy one get one free.

Ryman Soft Cover Sketch Book A5 110gsm80 Sheets 160 Pages - Sketch Pads - Ryman
Was going to suggest these, been using these for uni the last couple of years and they're really quite good.

Thanks for the link Typo, will have a nosey through :) I have several sketchbooks but none of them are proper "sketchbooks" with sketches/thumbs/notes - they're just full of drawings. Which isn't bad in itself but I love looking at messy, sketchy sketchbooks! The problem is I can be a bit of a perfectionist so I seem to scribble and sketch on paper then chuck it away, I did buy a new book recently so I might try keep all my doodles and notes in that so I can look back on them.
good find Typo. personally leather, moleskin etc covered sketchbooks have never appealed to me, really I've never seen the point as the cover is never going to make a difference in what people thing of the work inside, cheaper the better I say, well as long as the paper is of good quality


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Some of those are beautiful, although I would debate whether some aren't sketchbooks as such,
more like detailed illustrations done in small book. At least one of them looks like there's some Photoshop been used.

Maybe I'm just envious.
I absolutely envy anyone that can just sketch and doodle such quality! Love Nacho-Yague's work which is about half-way down.

Probably going to have to blog this gem.