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Site development continued...

Hi guys,

I have been developing my site which thanks to users from this forum I was able to have some clear ideas on what I wanted to do (after having lots of valuable critical feedback a short while ago on my previous thread: http://www.designforums.co.uk/logos-identity/7637-graphic-desiger-logo.html

I think the best way to do this is using a screenshot from my home page with 'before' and 'developing', as you can see below:



Some of the main issues that were raised were:

  • Take down your photo (done)
  • Re-size the top banner to avoid so much scrolling needed (done)
  • Move the available services to the left side rather than a drop down menu to replace photo (done)
  • Link thumbnails to full size images (done)
  • Change images to text for search engines to find key words (done, partially)

I was wondering if there were more suggestions/critiques for this new development. As to the last thread, i would appreciate all feedback.

Thanks in advance.