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site crit needed

sort out the padding, give your elements some space. You navigation needs to stand out more as well, use darker color or bold font or replace/add graphics
It looks pretty good overall - nice and clean. I agree about the navigation - making it all caps instead of fake drop caps would look loads better. In fact, taht goes for all your headings - use upper and lowercase or all caps. You Also Don't Need To Capitalise Every Word In A Heading. Just the first one. And yes, a slightly bolder font would work better at the smaller sizes - just go to Roman instead of Light.

I also find the change in font from the graphic headings to the text headings a little awkward - it's almost too similar. So it looks like some of your type has gone a bit wrong. Either make them all graphic (which I know isn't ideal for SEO) or use something that sits with the other font (DIN?) but isn't trying to be a bad copy of it.

I also think there's too much copy. And the line length is too long, making it really hard work to read.
I agree with most of the above.

Space it out a little more - let it breathe.

The links in the right column are hard to read....partly because of the font, partly because of the caps & partly because of the dashed line between them I think...I think the category links should be a little different to the product links as well.