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Site build and back end dev prices?

Hi all,

I've been asked to get a quote together for a client.

I've produced some nice looking designs for an e-commerce site selling fashion and trainer brands. He loves the designs and wants me to get some pricing on the build.

Ideally I'd like someone to break the quote down in this sort of way:

Full build and developement including credit card system, stock level system, SEO, CMS.

Build including paypal integration and CMS (no SEO)

Rough breakdown of pages, not confirmed yet:

new in
contact us
about us

please feel free to email me info too as I can collate easily.

thanks in advance


Active Member
Hey Steve, you have pm.

Can you supply a bit more info on what is required in this build as its a little vague, ala what functionality the end user wants per page/site-wide does the client want to pull off reports, will the website have to handle returns and refunds? will the client want promotions, and discounts? you get the idea, more deatail you can provide the more accurate the quote :)

if you can provide more info on the specifics of the project Ill be happy to quote for you.

Look forward to your reply.