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Simple Portfolio

Ok so here is my super simple portfolio site, it has just the basics. Last few peices of work, small brief about them and a link to the site proper.

I'd love to hear what you guys think...

Andy :)



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that's cool. i think the simplicity does it more than justice. it kinda focusses your mind on the fact your work is shown to thousands.


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I saw this the other day Andy, I really like it!

Nice and simple, looks great, does what it says on the tin! - not looked at the code but the design and function is good!

Perhaps make the contact button open a lightwindow email form? your gonna get bombarded with spam otherwise!
Cheers dude, suprisingly so far haven't got any spam. Don't think that will last though ;) yeah I was going to make the contact button go to a new page with a form but haven't had chance yet...


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Hi Andy,

I like the simplicity of the site, I wonder if clients may be interested to read a bit more about your experience, although having said that I guess it's a confident statement to just have your work out there along with the clients you have worked with.

I would take a quick look at your alignments on a few small issues, at the moment the title isn't quite aligned to the monitor, it's between the outside edge and inside screen edge, just done a quick mockup of how it could look aligned with that...

Hope that helps,
@greg Thanks fella, I was thinking of making the last page, a small profile about me, with a downloadable pdf resume. I didn't want to put loads in there as I though people if interested would email for more info they needed it, and that would get the ball rolling.

With the alignment: Your right, the title should have lined up with the display (changed it). With the red byline I'm not sure which is best left aligned or like you have it, I changed it now to similar what you mocked up. If I like in a few days I'll keep. (Cant line up with the copy though, as the text flow's / isn't justified)


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The 5 buttons to switch between slides are failing on me. They jump around on each slide, and I actually hadn't noticed them until I looked at the site without CSS styling. Other than that I think this is a very original and nice design. :up:

A suggestion for your contact form would be an overlay window, similar to what you get when you click one of the top links here.
That's ace Andy! :up:

Really like the idea and simplicity of it (Sorry that wasn't much of a help but I don't really have anything to say about it that hasn't been mentioned already :)). Very strong portfolio as well.


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More of a side note than anything. If you have used the image of the apple display direct from apple (press images for example) you can't technically use it, they restrict images for non profit/business use in their t&c's.