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Simple Logo design


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm new to this forum so please go easy on me! :)

Firstly, I'm hoping I've come to the right place? I'm basically in the very early stages of trying (yes "trying") to set up a company on my own so have very little revenue at present so am on a pretty tight budget.

is there anyone out there who would be able to assist me in creating a logo for my company? I have an idea of what I'd like it to look like and even though I'm not a designer I think it is pretty simple - it's just that I don't have the tools to help me create it!!

If you feel that you'll be able to help then I would really appreciate if you could drop me an email.

Thanks in advance,


My name is Francis and I know of people who design posters, flyers,
tickets etc. The problem is they are based in Malawi. So is they any
way of them working online, so that they can send you the designs for
your business?.

Kind Regards


Welcome to the forum! You can get more than design advice here so if you need any advice on setting up your company then head over to the business section and ask away!

I have sent you a PM in regards to your request as you have not provided an email address to contact you with.