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Simple Java help

How do I get a border around my Java gallery main image?

This is my Java...
if (document.images) {
image0 = new Image;
image1 = new Image;
image2 = new Image;
image3 = new Image;
image4 = new Image;
image5 = new Image;
image6 = new Image;

image0.src = 'images/gallery/gallery001.jpg';
image1.src = 'images/gallery/gallery002.jpg';
image2.src = 'images/gallery/gallery003.jpg';
image3.src = 'images/gallery/gallery004.jpg';
image4.src = 'images/gallery/gallery005.jpg';
image5.src = 'images/gallery/gallery006.jpg';
image6.src = 'images/gallery/gallery007.jpg';

else {
image0 = '';
image1 = '';
image2 = '';
image3 = '';
image4 = '';
image5 = '';
image6 = '';

document.rollimg = '';}
I'm not clued on on Java so if anyone could help that would be GREAT :) x


Junior Member
Hi Hippy Sunshine - I might be able to help you with this if you can provide a link to the website. The best way to achieve a border around the image is to use CSS - so we just need to assign a class to the Java image gallery - that way you can have fully CSS control.


Active Member
I think you mean javascript and you should still be able to target the image with CSS - if you had a link we could help.
I can't give a link right now, my host wont let me in for some reason so cant upload anything!!! :(
I can figure out CSS if you can maybe point me in the right direction of where it needs to go?

No worries if not. I am trying to sort my host out so as soon as its up ill post a link. x


Active Member
You should be able to target it as you normally would - if it has a class - img.Class {border:1px solid #333;} if not maybe using the container id div#container img {...}

But can't tell you what that is without being able to look, if you use firebug you should be able to work it out pretty quick.

I presume its a plugin you're using? do you have a link to that?