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Similar Site


Senior Member
Anyone know a site similar to : flipping typical

(really good site that shows text in the fonts you have installed)

that has a wider variety of fonts ? or is there a program that displays text in all your fonts? :)
renniks said:
Cheers, sadly not on a mac :) but with that might be able to find windows equivalents
I had suitcase on a HP running vista, look for it, get it, buy it, install it, you wont know how you coped without it! seek and ye shall find!
you know i had never heard of it, used it last night and found "impact" a bloody basic font i couldnt think of for an investment companies logo! tried everything couldnt remember impact! D'oh!

So thanks Renniks, you have already helped me! Hope suitcase suits you, i love it


Senior Member
No worries Kip, thats what half my posts are aimed towards, getting answers to more general questions with some opinions thrown in.

(that help me and hopefully others)

Cheers ADesign, :) useful aswell