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Signing off a design


Senior Member
Hey all

Do you peeps do anything to get the clients to accept a piece of work?

Do you get them to sign off a proof?

And... If you do, what do I put on it to say they accept it?

Cheers all
Usually and email of approval of the last attachment i sent them is all i need.
As long as i have documented proof of them agreeing to moving forwards.


Senior Member
Yup, I'm with Calvin on that. For most jobs an email will do, as long as you have evidence of approval.

For bigger jobs, or others that I fear there will be a quibble with I have used a proof slip in the past. Just a simple form that the customer signs to agree that the proof is good.


Active Member
Same here, on most occasions an e-mail is enough, although for larger print jobs I would make a point of mentioning in the e-mail to check and double check the artwork, as after I've received confirmation to send to print, any liability for mistakes in the copy are with the client.