Showreel setup in After Effects


Disclaimer: I am an After Effects NOOB! So go easy on the syllables!

Hi all,

This is a bit of a vague question, but here goes.

I'm putting together a showreel, both for motion graphics and to show off my static portfolio with some nice transitions ect...

I want to be able to output the finished thing to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook etc... so I can share links, but I would also like a decent quality version to show off in person.

Presumably, this would involve working with a higher res project file and then when it comes to rendering it out, optimising it appropriately to the platform that particular render is intended for.

My question is this, when I start the project, what sort of dimensions, aspect ratio, resolution set up etc... should I begin with?

Is 4K excessive?

Also, any tips on the best output formats for the Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram would be much appreciated if not (no biggy if not, I'm in the middle of googling each sites optimum guidance anyway - just any tricks of the trade you know wouldn't go amiss).




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It's easier to downscale than it is to I'd be working as high as you can. I'd also be working 21:9 or 16:9 (more common tv screen size) even though we now have devices with all sorts of ratios now.

As to the sites, most have guidelines or convert for you but IMO you can't go wrong with mp4 h264 (although h265 is better compression etc but requires better hardware to play it) these days, assuming you don't care about old browsers where you might want to look at wmv/mp4 (ie), ogg vorbis (firefox) and vp9 (chrome)... yeah standards are great lol