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I wondered if any of you wanted to help me out with a small business card showcase on my blog.

In my latest article I displayed my own cards and asked readers to either submit or link pics of their own. If I get enough I'll put a small showcase together and publish it as an article.

This is a link to my blog: - Home

And this is the specific article: – How effective is your Business Card?

If anyone is interested, please contact me via my website or PM me here.

I haven't got the biggest readership in the world, but you never know it might be beneficial for you. :)
I don't mind what you do, you certainly don't have to be a designer, but I'll only include cards that stand out for me as successful pieces of design communication. So if you submit something and I don't feature it please don't be offended.




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I think your card looks great, Ken but that line, "The Ace of Pixels" is incredibly cheesy, I have to say.

I love the fact that you've gone to the trouble of making the illustrations and a whole set of cards. Nice work.

I'll be sending you my card shortly to add to your post.


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I guess the 'ace' line is cheesy, but I was actually referring to the name of the fictional suit rather than myself. For example, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Pixels.

Either way, I see your point. I don't mind a bit of cheese though! :)


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When do you need them by? I need some more printing, but i'll get my skates on so i can be part of it lol!


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Cheers for the replies, guys.
Ally, there is no great rush, I'll work the showcase into my article cycle when I have enough submissions for it.