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Show/hide baseline grid in InDesign CS3 (mac)

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'sup y'all.

My shortcut for toggling 'show/hide baseline grid' in InDesign doesn't work and never has—I have to keep doing it manually in the menu.

Does/has this happened to anyone else? Am I being very stupid and missing something?

Ta in advance.
It annoys the heck out of me at work ... but if I remember rightly, it's assigned to cmd/ctrl + alt + ` in CS3? (I do it out of habit, don't hate me if I'm wrong :p)

I'm pretty sure if I hit cmd/ctrl + alt + ' (the one below the @ symbol) it works in CS3.. I got it to work somehow! But I only have CS4 at home so I can't check :( (which works with cmd/ctrl + alt + '


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Is it possible that you are working in a preview display mode so the guides aren't showing?
Might be a silly suggestion, but it's worth ruling out.
Thanks, but if in doubt consult the holy adobe forums:

System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts and then de-select "Move focus to the window drawer" shortcut.

It would seem there was a conflicting shortcut in the system preferences.
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