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Should we pay extra for watching 3D films at the cinema?

Discussion in 'Animation, Motion Design & Film Making' started by wac, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. wac

    wac Senior Member

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  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I'm the other way round.... I'd rather pay less to watch a movie without the need for another set of glasses on my face....
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  3. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    You're always the other way around :p
    Anyway, yes, I agree that if the price is always going to be so much higher it will eventually go downhill (as it seems to be going) - although I do prefer watching films in 2D...
  4. Levi's always the other way round, cus he's the bitch in the relationship, haw haw haw.
    I used to wear glasses and as soon as 3D films came out, it pretty much ruined my experience. A lot of films were only 3D and those glasses were horrendous. They made my eyes sore and gave me a really bad headache, so I quite simply didn't bother. I rarely went to the cinema anyway, but that ensured that I never did!
    I wear contacts now, so it's not so much of an issue but I've never really experienced good 3D anyway, it's always done in a cheesy, overly flamboyant manner, like they're doing it for the first time and pushing things to the limit - like drop shadows with new designers! I don't rate 3D films very highly as a result and do not feel inclined to go out of my way to go an watch 3D stuff.
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  5. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Well you never complain about my bitching at home :p
  6. wac

    wac Senior Member

    Some interesting points here. 3D is one of those things that really divides people. It's not like HD where some people can just take it or leave it, some people really bloody hate it, prolifically! Transversely however some people really love it and of course there’s a good sized midriff of indifferent people too and of course the first and last of those categories don’t want to pay extra to go to the cinema.

    This is a good example of the gratuitous use of 3D that the extra charge promotes and it makes up probably more than 90% of all 3D films relased. Of course, when it’s used right it can be like a plectrum for the emotions.
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

  8. Basic

    Basic Member

    Haha this made me laugh. Same I can't always be bothered to put contact lenses in!
  9. Basic

    Basic Member

    Edward Nealy's comment on the petition is cool!
  10. Gianluca Teti

    Gianluca Teti Member

    I read that the implementation of 3D in the movie theatres has become a flop on the long run. From my experience, there were only few titles who deserved to be watched with the glasses.
  11. It was all just another commercial gimmick to allow them to charge us more money to see their crappy, half arsed films. You're definitely right in saying that only a few titles did it justice...
  12. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    I've never seen a film in 3D because I begrudge paying extra and I also sit looking at a screen all day with spec's on.
    The kids have some DVD's from years back (one example being Shark Girl & Lava Boy) and I used to sit and wonder what the hell was happening when the characters would wave things in front of themselves to the camera and such.
    A bit like a magic trick with no reveal.
    I then found out they were originally filmed in 3D which just didn't carry over.
    BTW. The film sucked beside the 3D thing.

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