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Should I buy Illustrator CS4?


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I think I need to buy Illustrator CS4 after limping along with a dubiously-sourced CS version for years... Has anyone got it? Is it ok or full of bugs? I'm strangely drawn to buying CS3 just so it 'matches' my InDesign and Dreamweaver but that would be nuts wouldn't it? I've found it cheapest at UKTechStore but never dealt with them. Anyone out there with experience of them? Sorry for the dithering it's just that after looking for 2-for-1 deals in Asda the thought of spending £400+ on a plastic circle in a box is slightly galling... :confused:


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Hi Lula,

Firstly I hope you don't mind that I've moved this thread to the 'Design Equipment & Software' forum.

The price tag of CS4 is something that has come up on the forums previously - http://www.designforums.co.uk/design-equipment-software/176-how-expensive-cs4.html

sabian1982 said:
Theres actually very little difference between CS3 and CS4 (from what i can gather) so personally i'd go and buy CS3 as the features are more than suitable and you'll be paying a fraction of the price!
philjohns said:
Very, VERY true!

Although if you buy Adobe Photoshop CS3 right now Ive got afeeling your are entitled to a free upgrade to CS4 - or atleast this was the case on Amazon!
I'm not sure if that's correct, never got chance to check it out? Seems a bit too good to be true?

What's the price of Illustrator CS3 at the moment Lula?
and no I've not heard of UKTechStore.


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Well, I don't need the whole CS4 Suite, just Illustrator on its own. At UKTechStore their price for Illustrator CS3 is £408.95 (free postage, no VAT) but Illustrator CS4 is just £16 more at £424.95 so I guess I should go for that...
Best prices on Amazon are £489.95 for CS3 and £549.25 for CS4. I'll maybe wait until after lunch then take the plunge!


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Ah OK that makes sense then, I was under the impression there was a bigger price difference between Illustrator CS3 and CS4 now.

From the looks of the Adobe site, you may be better off getting an upgrade from your CS2?
Take a look at: https://store2.adobe.com/cfusion/st.../Illustrator&distributionMethod=UPGRADE&nr=0#

Looks like the price for an upgrade from CS2 to CS4 of Illustrator on its own is £159.85
(Upgrade from Illustrator CS, CS2 or CS3)

The installation process for an upgrade requires that you enter the serial number from a qualifying product, on the same platform and for the same language version, as the upgrade product being installed.

Products within a Suite cannot be upgraded individually.


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I would have upgraded, but the copy I currently use was a sort of demo version (friend of a friend knew Adobe rep etc) and I'm pretty sure the serial number would be rejected. It'd be a bit risky cos I'd have to open it and begin installation to find out, and I don't think they'd let me return it if it didn't work. Not to worry!
PS You're a helpful kinda guy aren't you?! Thanks!


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Ah OK, no worries, thought I'd mention it incase you missed it :)
and I try to be, it comes from several years of being hooked on other forums!

If/when you do get CS4 you'll have to let us all know how good it is and what cool new features you find useful. Would be good to see some feedback from someone making the update from CS2 > CS4.