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Shell Scheme Exhibition Panels Advice please

Hi all

I hope someone out there may have been in my position and is able to help.

I have a client who has asked me to look into the best solution for his exhibition problem.

He does 3 or 4 trade fair shows each year where they use the Shell Scheme framework (such as the Spring Fair). He always has a corner area so has two walls to fill. The major stumbling block is that the fair's he attends are different size requirements - for example one fair maybe 3m by 2m and another 3m by 2.5m.

He currently uses white kappa board which is approx 0.5m wide and the length required. He has drilled holes in the top to hang them and he hangs them side by side. Obviously this isnt ideal as you can see the "seam" between the hanging boards, and it looks a bit cheap.

I've looked into a few companies who produce various "seamless" solutions which fit the shell schemes, but two issues, one they seem very expensive, and two they wouldnt address the issue of various sizes needed.

I admit i know very little about shell schemes at trade shows so would be grateful for any advice on solutions etc.


Tom Sound

Active Member
Hello, we either use shellclad, although you have to buy to suit one format and there's always a bit of trimming in to do on site for things like electrical points and the shell scheme fascias. So it's not strictly re-useable. The best system we use is a modular system where you have free standing banners which link together to create a seamless graphic wall. These are totally reuseable in infinite layouts. Have integral electrics and low voltage downlighting. Are completely updatable in the future and very hard wearing for multiple uses. After a couple of uses the price works out less than reproducing foamex panels to suit each stand space. It's simple enough for the end user to set up and the footprint of each base is such that you can use the system up against the shell scheme wall utilising as much floor space as possible for your exhibit. Send me your contact details via PM and ill happily cost it up for you.



Tom Sound

Active Member
H Greg, yeah no worries, got this one to hand at the moment, just a flat wall, but you can curve round corners too. It's pretty cool...