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sexy transitions


Staff member
oh so basically webkit has gone and 'proposed' an addition to css3 and then implemented it anyways even though it still hasn't been finalised. Other than aiming it at css3 how is this different to internet explorer and its custom features, which everyone hated and all other browsers ignored.


Senior Member
I assume it's not different except personally I dont see how adding in a few lines of code to give a better look to something similar to what is already there is a bad thing. Downgrading works more proficiently than trying to use javascript for the same feature.


Staff member
those lines of code only work on webkit browsers (it uses webkit in the code), so even if firefox updated the code would all need to be changed as firefox works to standard coding.

Its also funny that its coming from two of the least used browsers.

I suspect this is an Apple move so that they don't need flash on the iphone.


I bet it is from someone associated with Apple and the iPhone to delay the flash requirement on it.. :p