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Sex ed site, any want to offer me any ideas?


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Hi guys and gals.
I have recently taken on another client, be it pro-bono, for a care home in the area.

What they want is a web site that offers sexual education advice to young boys aged from 11-18.

The site will be a mini Intranet to thier boys only and I was wondering if any one would like to offer me some advice on possible ideas for a colour scheme or even a design/layout.

Off the top of my head this is what I'm going with ~

- I'm going with a hand drawn border around the main area,
- With the sexual infections down the left, they will link to pages explaining them, simple list,
- Nice image in the middle which changes showing possible bad images, pregnancy think scare tactics,
- Then below that links to local advice centres etc.....

But I was thinking if any one has ever had an idea of something like this and have just never followed through with it and would like to offer a design idea, or pick mine apart with out seeing it, think of it as you doing your bit for the young people of tomorrow, and cutting teenage pregnancy, and all lol.

Cheers for any ideas, at the moment it is just in the story board phrase so I have nothing done code, or image wise, just tossing ideas around and thought this would be a good one for the community.

Actually, the first thing that popped into my head when I read your topic was this icon set I'd downloaded a while back from this site (it's the sketchbook ones near the botton by Ben Schlitter). So I'm not sure if this will help design-direction-wise for you, but take a look if you'd like. They're these colourful affairs with slightly rough sketches on them...

Anyways, I do like the idea of a hand-drawn border; anything too polished, sleek, and corporate-looking will look odd, so a bit of personality (without too much visual frills) will probably work best for the site. I kind of like the idea of apple green and vivid orange in a colour scheme, too. Honestly, I'm kind of grasping here; I'm not a teenage boy 11-18, so it's a bit hard envisioning what would work for the audience. =P


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To add a bit of twist to the site -especially since it is aimed for TEENAGE boys- I think it would be better to not use too obscene or graphical images. Perhaps a jQuery image slider can also be integrated to add that extra swoosh. It definitely makes visitors stay on the page more. Again, they might have short attention spans so in this case simpler may be better (no offense).

Something like http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/ ?
Again, in this case a single-page site might be better.